Who has previously lived in your house? Has anyone died there?


Diedinhouse.com allows users to type in any valid U.S. address for it to instantly search millions of records to help determine if a death has occurred at that address. Because it is not a standard practice to document the address of a death, the report also includes previous residents and their vitality status; additional information to assist home renters, buyers, sellers and agents with researching a properties history.

Most states do not have a law to disclose that a property is stigmatized. Three state have law to disclose events within one to three years of the purchase date. 15 states have a law that only if the buyer asks and seller knows they are to disclose. The remaining 32 states have no law, therefore no legal action can be taken against anyone for deliberately not disclosing. Such as with Janet Milliken’s home in Pennsylvania or Brain Betts home in Maryland, both of these high profile stories involves the seller not disclosing that a murder and/or suicide occurred in the home.

I feel you should always disclose this information to allow the buyer to make an informed decision on one of the largest purchases of their lives.

If you are in the process of buying or renting a home would you ask your agent for a Diedinhouse.com report, purchase it yourself, or not worry about it at all?


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